I love you

I Love you!
I am sorry
For longing and wanting to include you in my life
I love you
Don’t think too much about it
Rest your heart in my palms
And it will be protected, to the best of my abilities
I love you and I am sorry
That after all that we have shared
Parting ways is the only option for you
I love you and I have proven that
I will write you into every part of my life
Your face will be no further than an inch away from my mind
My mind is plastered with images of the good we’ve had
The laughs we have shared, the silent intended moments
The stares across dinner tables, with the parent’s stories as background
I love you.

I am sorry
That you are not her
I love you
I might not show it
But I love you
I don’t show it,
I ask that you not doubt these words
I already do.
I love her, and you love me
Is that not enough?

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